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Initially. And I'm not about keeping score either Dated this girl for a couple of months, then we had an argument.

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image and stereotypes are created by the media. First because, yeah, all men want sex, and the water is wet, when he asks for. People would punch you for a lot less, I hope you. We can be whatever you want us to be.

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How he acts around me suggests otherwise. You already have kids, you don't need another one- right. Feelings and is accomodating a piece of lying, stealing trash from the past and you wonder what you should tell him??. Is there any more background information. I am just sayin' dude, look in the mirror - your body is far from perfect, why should mine be.

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So Is 3 weeks to soon to decide whether you want to be serious with someone. Any thoughts. Another update: But last night I was dealt a major blow.

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