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Saltwater Gargle For Sore Throat

Composition and method for treating sore throat. This is recommended to prevent the diarrhea that is sometimes associated with antibiotic use and can help maintain the normal gut bacteria that are vital to keeping you and your immune system healthy. Add one teaspoon of either table salt or sea salt to eight ounces of water.

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Answer this question Flag as Otherwise, see the things you should be doing to strengthen your immune systemand things to avoid that weaken the immune system. Symptoms like fever, enlarged tonsils, and white mucus patches on the throat or tonsils could be signs of a bacterial infection for which you may require antibiotics. Most sore throats, however, are caused by viruses the common cold virus, the influenza flu virus, mononucleosis monomeasles, chickenpox, and childhood croup or by bacteria strep throat caused by the streptococcus bacterium. Take antibiotics for a bacterial infection. About 8—10 glasses a day should help keep your throat well hydrated.

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L Linda May 18, Here are the steps: What is a Family Doctor? Sore Throat Care In other languages: Prasad, Sahdeo, and Bharat B.

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Does Gargling With Salt Water Ease a Sore Throat?

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Salt Water Gargle For A Sore Throat: A Timeless Remedy: Hot Pornstars

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You have to eat yogurt with active cultures because this yogurt contains bacteria. Most sore throats, however, are caused by viruses the common cold virus, the influenza flu virus, mononucleosis mono , measles, chickenpox, and childhood croup or by bacteria strep throat caused by the streptococcus bacterium. This being the case, salt water gargles are likely to be frequently used in families with young, school-going children. I would do at least 30 to 60 seconds of actual gargling when you are sick. No one should drink a lot of water from bottles like these, and especially not reuse those thin bottles.

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Saltwater Gargle For Sore Throat

Saltwater Gargle For Sore Throat: Sexy Feet

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It works just as well as the store-bought products. The tip about taking rest and eating was most beneficial. Appreciated your listing ratio salt to water and how much to try for how long.

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With the Saltwater Gargle For Sore Throat
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