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Dispersal of an Invasive Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed Russian Thistle "Tumbleweed," "Russian thistle" and "wind witch" are common names for this symbol of the American west. Plants thrive in salty and alkaline soils but will generally be outcompeted by natives in undisturbed habitats. When the seeds are about ripe, the fruit remain attached to the pedunclesbut the stem of the umbel detaches, permitting the globes to roll about in the wind. As I drove along the farm roads, I thought of that Outer Limits episode. But that was to be expected.

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Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker I half expect to hear someday that Russian thistle has been found on the moon. Like many invasive weeds, Russian thistle exploited the destruction of native ecosystems. It hardly bothers with leaves, putting its energy instead into producing small, spiny scales called bracts. A couple of tumbleweeds make their way across the top of a sand dune near Sand Springs in Monument Valley.

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Where Do Tumbleweeds Come From?

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Very similar in habit to Anastatica , but practically unrelated, are the spore-bearing Selaginella lepidophylla a lycopod and earthstar mushroom family Geastraceae. The march was already becoming relentless. The plants curl into a ball when dry and uncurl when moist are a common sight in steppe and desert areas, such as large parts of Texas and Arizona.

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Itstudio Ru Tumbleweed Russian

Itstudio Ru Tumbleweed Russian: Mass Effect

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It has come to represent locations that are desolate, dry, and often humorless, with few or no occupants. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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