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Whether it wants to get at an insect hiding in bark, excavate a space to build a nest, claim a bit of territory, or attract a mate, the woodpecker has one simple solution: The ad agencies wanted another catch-all term for the new members of their target age group and began shopping around different terms.

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If you have, you know that that shocks help make a bumpy ride smoother. The first is the ability to hammer into wood and throw aside the chips, whether excavating a nest cavity or digging for tasty beetle grubs. Reduced space in the cranium also helps, by keeping the brain from sloshing around. Birding News 47 Prairie Birder Pingback:

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CornellBirds unveils near-real-time bird-migration forecasts. The cameras let scientists watch birds peck in slow motion. Woodpeckers usually peck in short bursts with breaks in between, and the researchers think that these pauses give the brain time to cool down before the head banging starts again and brings the temperature back up. In , Douglas Coupland wrote his book Generation X: Connect With Us On.

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Harrison, after being improperly dressed for the weather, got pneumonia and would go down as a cautionary tale or a punch line and as having the shortest presidency on record. The woodpecker hyoid is the big one that wraps all the way around the skull to keep it in place. The clever adaptations are further examples of the amazing lives of birds. Find Hotspots Near You.

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Wraps Pecker Spread

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