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The Security Dilemma And Ethnic Conflict

Patrick Regan Journal of Conflict Resolution. Supporters of this viewpoint argue that the major European powers felt forced to go to war by feelings of insecurity over alliances of their neighbours despite not actually wanting war.

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First, the sameness or difference of offensive weapons compared with defensive weapons does not impact the offense-defense balance itself. According to Glaser, "Distinguishability should be defined by comparative net assessment" or the comparison of the balance of offense-defense when both sides use weapons versus when neither side is using weapons. And thus an arms race was set in motion even though no conflict of interest truly existed in the first place. Can the security dilemma explain actual conflicts?

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In other words, the spiral model seeks to explain war. He can be reached at hariprasad gwu. Scott Sagan International Security.

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Skip to main content. First, a state that is dissatisfied with the amount of security it has forms alliances in order to bolster its security. Theoretical Linkages and Analytical Problems. States might do so to avoid the expense of war for themselves. Evidence from Patterns of International Conflict Involvement, —

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The Security Dilemma And Ethnic Conflict

The Security Dilemma And Ethnic Conflict: Black and Ebony

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The security dilemma is a popular concept with cognitive and international relations theorists, who regard war as essentially arising from failures of communication. States might do so to avoid the expense of war for themselves. That is not to say that security dilemmas which produce conflicts of interest are uncommon — there is a preponderance of literature which convincingly demonstrates that inter-state tensions as varied as the early-Cold War, the fall-out over the Strategic Defence initiative, and Argentine-Brazilian nuclear enmity, fit this mould [28]. Glaser argues that Wendt mischaracterised the security dilemma.

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