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Hopefully she's not seen something bad. My first thought was that she may have experienced someone else doing the same thing, or even worse. He would get embarrassed and quit.

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I know it is really frustrating! Teach her its ok to know about her body but to do it appropriately. Of course all children have to learn what is and isn't appropriate, and they will eventually learn, if you are consistant with how you handle it. PLease dont make her feel ashamed with her body. He would get embarrassed and quit. Sorry for the marathon, hope it helps. If it were my daughter, I would be asking more detailed not leading questions about why she keeps doing that.

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PLease dont make her feel ashamed with her body. Have a book about her body around if she needs to, and maybe try to show her other parts of her body that might distract her from the private parts. My approach to this was to teach them, in simple terms, a little about the biology of the body. But, as for exploring in public, it is just unacceptable.

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If it's really nothing and she just isn't listening to you about privacy, then try the time outs or leaving the situation. How girls are different then boys and vice versa. My friends girl would strip down nude every chance she got and was fasinated by what she had I have seen this from two sides.

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Girl Showing Her Private

Girl Showing Her Private: Big Girl

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She needs to know. I know it sounds perverse, because it did to me, but it is completely normal for them to want to explore.

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